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Cloud-Based Automation 4.0 – exclusive, state-of-the-art solutions.

In contrast to stand-alone workflow tools that are not connected with back-end systems, our cloud-based automation options offer comprehensive integration within winsolvenz.p4 and LEXOLUTION. That is the only way to complement the core systems in an easy and seamless manner with highly scalable and fully flexible, automated workflows – and thereby optimise them. All data is instantly available in both systems – both in the workflow and in the back end. This approach enables efficient and reliable collaboration with clients and other stakeholders, such as auditors.

Harness the potential of cloud-based workflows as a ready-to-use package or as a toolbox for your own ideas.

We stay abreast of the latest developments and continually add new turnkey apps, some of which are ready-to-use products. To this end, we have teams devoted to the continuous enhancement of the toolbox and software engineers who, in collaboration with lawyers, drive forward the development of products and turnkey apps. This concept – combined with the deep integration into the core systems – makes LEXolution.FLOW one of a kind in the market.

Empower your ideas with the LEXolution.FLOW toolbox.

Inputmanagement. Automate your inbox.

Explore product options for group actions and their legal defence.

Ensure security and high availability with the STP Cloud.

In a sensitive legal environment, it is imperative for innovative technology to offer the highest data security standards. Special providers hosting cloud solutions in Germany guarantee this security. The STP Cloud is your scalable platform for legal services covering the entire legal counsel services that your law firm offers.

Experience greater flexibility and efficiency with cloud-based workflows. As a product or as a legal toolbox for your ideas. Fully integrated with LEXolution.KMS Pro, LEXolution.DMS Pro and winsolvenz.p4. Protected and secure in the STP Cloud.

Leverage our professional services to optimally operationalise your concepts for delivering the potential of cloud-based automation.

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