Insolvency processing

Five WINSOLVENZ editions – five times tailor-made process support.

What makes legal proceedings effective? Software that takes care of all processes in a highly standardised and automated manner. It helps you manage high to extreme complexity and deliver on your quality promise to creditors and the insolvency court, even for the most challenging cases. Enjoy the peace of mind that you have all workflows under control – and free up capacity to dedicate to your core business.

Leading software

winsolvenz.p4 is your solution for high-performance insolvency administration and restructuring advice right from the outset, and also for large and complex proceedings. Our solution provides automated and standardised support – precision-tailored to your needs.

Customized licensing

Licences are based on the number of administrators, receivers and trustees in the law firm. The number of users is not limited – there is no need to purchase more licences when you recruit new administrative assistants. You can simply book individual modules from higher editions as add-ons.

Suitable for all proceedings

From consumer insolvencies to international corporate insolvencies. WINSOLVENZ knows no boundaries and lets you scale any proceeding as needed using automated workflows, technical support or our outsourcing options.

Five editions offer you exactly the tailor-made support you need. From traditional insolvency processing, digitalisation and automation and right through to integration of our law firm management system.

Simultaneously ensuring performance and quality – STP has been serving more than 70% of insolvency administrator firms in Germany with its products WINSOLVENZ and LEXOLUTION for many years.

The editions at a glance.

winsolvenz.p4 is available in several editions – choose the best fit for your firm’s needs:

Overview Classic Digital Digital Assist Enterprise Enterprise Assist
winsolvenz.p4 X X X X X
winsolvenz.Vergütungsplaner X X X X X
winsolvenz.ForStaB X X X X X Dashboard X X X X
EZV IK Automat X X X X X
EZV Modul (IN/IK) O X X X X
winsolvenz.FiBu Pro O X X X X
LEXolution.DMS Pro X X X X
LEXolution.Outlook DESK X X X X
winsolvenz.DMS Integration X X X X
GIS 4.0 O O X X X
QmDoc 2.0 light X X X X
LEXolution.KMS Pro X X
LEXolution.FOMA X X
LEXolution.TIME X X
winsolvenz.TIME X X
LEXolution.BI X X
LEXolution.BI Pro O O
LEXolution.CONTACT (vormals CRM) O O
Inputmanagement X X

Legend:      X – Included in the edition;      O – Available as an add-on;      * – Coming soon;

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Our range of professional services give you the support you need to make the best possible use of your WINSOLVENZ solutions.

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