Professional services and data management

Contact Us Now STP goes far beyond providing you with software powered by process intelligence. Our services embed deep legal expertise and smart data of exceptional quality. Especially in challenging times, you need a partner you can rely on. Choose STP. Outsourcing If you’re faced with a bottleneck, consider STP as your outsourcing partner – […]

Client and litigation management

Contact Us Now The incidence of legal actions is set to grow rapidly. COVID-19 is having a big impact in terms of insolvency filings and business turnarounds. In Germany, the number of legal actions is likely to rise sharply from October 2020 when the temporary suspension of the obligation to file for insolvency ends. The […]

Process management for law firms

Contact Us Now With the introduction of measures to tackle COVID-19, working from home has become a standard practice instantly. Your practice is faced with the challenge of ensuring that all files, documents and information can be accessed from different locations and by all authorised employees. At the same time, cost-effectiveness is key. What you […]