A well-functioning legal system is the foundation of our society and economy. We enable this critical institution with digital technology, information and services, allowing legal professionals, insolvency administrators and other stakeholder to serve their clients more efficiently and effectively.

“Legal tech solutions are our passion. We develop bespoke solutions drawing on in-depth legal expertise and decades of experience.”

We offer solutions for insolvency administration, rescue practitioners and insolvency courts in Germany – with a focus on automating workflows and providing outsourcing services from STP Solution.
Via STP Business Information, we provide major creditors, including debt collection agencies, insolvency service providers, courts, financial service providers, statutory health insurance funds, utilities, public administrations and businesses in Germany with tailored data on insolvencies and debtor-in-possession management.


Corporate law firms, legal departments and specialised law firms with high case loads benefit from our cloud-based legal toolbox – the only one on the market that is connected directly to the back-end systems. Together with clients, we develop turnkey products and services – while our toolbox additionally empowers our customers to realise their own ideas for optimising processes.

Law firms in Germany and Switzerland rely on our legal practice management solutions to work efficiently and profitably.

With a net promoter score of 76%, we stand for quality in client relationships. We take a client-centric development and innovation approach and drive forward the flexible use of technology, offering an ideal combination of cloud and on-premise solutions.

We value trust-based relationships with customers. To deliver on this promise, we provide our customers with software, services and data tailored to their needs to help them get ahead of the field in their business.

Every three months, an external evaluation determines our net promoter score (NPS). The outcome: the STP Group’s NPS is an excellent 76% – to put this into perspective, our industry (without us) has an average NPS of 16%.

STP solutions are created together with our customers supplemented by a high level of in-house legal expertise and have been optimised for over 26 years.

We have a passion for innovation in technology. We combine the best of two worlds – a secure, cloud-based infrastructure and a workflow engine that are connected to the core solutions on site. This enables us to respond quickly to new use cases.

Excerpt from our history. A look back at three exciting decades of STP.

The Management Board of STP GmbH.

Uwe Richter
Uwe Richter

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of STP Informationstechnologie GmbH

Uwe Richter, Dipl.-Ing. (engineer), is CEO of STP GmbH since September 2017. Previously, he was CEO of eurodata AG and managing director of several software vendors.

Frank Lembke
Frank Lembke
Chief Operating Officer (COO) of STP Informationstechnologie GmbH and a Managing Director of STP Solution GmbH

Frank Lembke, Dipl.-Ing. (engineer) was appointed to the Management Board of STP GmbH as COO in January 2017. He joined the company as Head of Services in October 2002. Since January 2009 he is a Managing Director of STP Solution, which he built up and has decisively advanced.

Harald Holberg
Harald Holberg

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of STP Informationstechnologie GmbH

Harald Holberg, Dipl.-Ing. (engineer), is CFO of STP GmbH since October 2016. He has 15 plus years of management experience in the IT and software engineering industry and has served as CFO of several software engineering companies.



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