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With the introduction of measures to tackle COVID-19, working from home has become a standard practice instantly

Your practice is faced with the challenge of ensuring that all files, documents and information can be accessed from different locations and by all authorised employees. At the same time, cost-effectiveness is key. What you need are solutions that digitalise your processes, automate standards and deliver key metrics that allow you to manage your law firm like a business.

In Switzerland we have empowered the most demanding professionals to generate even more value, faster. Our products – WinJur, ancoma and LEXOLUTION – are fully compliant with the special requirements of the Swiss legal system and meet exacting demands.

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Are you still struggling to ensure that all files, documents and information are accessible from different locations and by all authorised staff in real-time? Is keeping track of your law firm’s profitability an ordeal? What you need are solutions that digitalise your office workflows and automate standards.

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“LEXolution save us  a huge amount of time and truly professionalise our processes.  We have experienced an improved efficiency within the firm and we also see it in the motivation of our employees. Since we introduced STP products, we have a constant overview of the firm’s profitability. We can now closely track developments and intervene early on.”

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“The STP solutions have allowed us to enhance the quality of our business processes and to further professionalise our workflows. This is evident in a number of areas, not least in the time – and money – we save as a result”


Professional services from one source. Capture your solution’s added value quickly.

STP understands your business. With decades of experience and in-depth legal industry know-how, we support you with a complete range of professional services, from consulting, training and process management to data protection and more. This enables you to generate more value from your solutions faster.


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