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Professional law firm management

In contrast to conventional law firm management software developed to support routine case administration, our solutions focus on business success factors, such as process intelligence and profitability.

LEXOLUTION offers all you need for the professional management of your law firm.

We have decades of experience as recognised experts in the digital transformation of law firms, insolvency administrators and courts. We pride ourselves on providing solutions and services precision-tailored to legal clients’ needs.

LEXOLUTION in figures.

more billables
higher profitability

Professional services from one source.
Capture the added value of LEXOLUTION solutions quickly.

STP knows how you can best manage your law firm and what requirements need to be in place. With decades of experience and in-depth legal expertise, we support you with services that are unique to your requirements.


“We were well prepared for COVID-19 – without even knowing it. For us, it was no big deal to start working from home and there was no rush to come up with makeshift measures. Our reliable solution, STP LEXOLUTION, made it all happen.”

Waldeck Rechtsanwälte

“LEXolution.DMS and LEXolution.KMS – is the ideal symbiosis between a document management system tailored to our needs as a corporate law firm combined with a law firm management system that meets highest professional standards. The optimum interaction between the two tools allows our practitioners and assistants to work together seamlessly and with maximum transparency.”

TIGGES Rechtsanwälte


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