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The incidence of legal actions is set to grow rapidly.

COVID-19 is having a big impact in terms of insolvency filings and business turnarounds. In Germany, the number of legal actions is likely to rise sharply from October 2020 when the temporary suspension of the obligation to file for insolvency ends. The collective declaratory action system likewise remains a trigger for group actions and, accordingly, a rising number of cases. One prominent example is the diesel scandal. Yet claims based on the German Protection Against Infection Act could also soon result in group actions.

1 German Further Facilitation of the Restructuring of Businesses Act

In the last two years, we assisted 7 of the 10 largest insolvency law firms in managing their most complex insolvency and restructuring cases.


“Handling litigation with WINSOLVENZ? The STP software for high-performance and efficient litigation management allows us to deliver the quality promised to all parties involved in the proceedings, including the insolvency court and creditors.”

Eisenbeis Rechtsanwälte

“The duration and outcome of insolvency proceedings should not be left to chance. Winsolvenz reliably maps project planning, management and controlling.”


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